The Supreme S77 system is a proposition of Alumil for advanced insulating casement windows , with a modern flat design that satisfies recently elevated standards of public and private buildings in Western Europe. It is an ideal solution for high-performance, high-security projects. The system offers also minimal design for the windows and patio doors with hidden frame and accessories. The system Supreme S77 meets the most demanding performance levels in terms of thermic insulation, water tamping, which, combined with the reduction of sound make it an ideal solution for demanding projects.

• High value of thermic insulation Uf ? 0,85 W/m2K, certified by IFT Rosenheim Institute.
• Width of a visible aluminum surface 93 mm and only 67 mm for frames with hidden shutter.
• Maximun water sealing with 3 levels of seals in EPDM coextruded and expanded polyurethane seals.
• Low threshold designed for an easy access for the disabled.
• For all types of casement doors and windows
• Extra profiles are available for a flawless introduction into the French market.


Depth frame 62 mm
Depth shutter 72 mm
Height frame 41 mm
Height shutter 29 mm
Impermeability classe E1200
Air permeability classe 4
Wind resistance classe C5
*Thermic protection frame UW di 1,36 W/m2K



The Supreme S700 – a sliding system with a mechanism up and slide, represents a new evolution in the advanced ALUMIL systems, for projects with large spaces and impressive characteristics. The system perfectly complies with the modern tendencies of “transparent” architecture, combining high thermic insulation, safety and modern design. Its minimal design altogether with innovative technology present an ideal solution for projects that improve natural illumination, satisfying also the most demanding of requests. Minimal and innovative design with an impressive functionality.

• The width of the connection surface of only 47 mm for maximal visibility and reinforced profiles for door height up to 3,00 m.
• Innovative low floor threshold for an easy access and high performance.
• High energy efficiency with special anti-distortion polyamids, for greater performance in case of significant temperature differences between the inside and the outside.

• Intelligent water evacuation system with hidden profiles that guarantee water sealing in all weather conditions.
• The most elegant option for the automatic lifting and sliding door movement. Water drainage systems also for extreme weather conditons. Special water drainage valve, positioned under the central connecting profile that offers a high level of water sealing. The low threshold consisting of three different profiles that help the innovative hidden drainage on the external layer of system. Specifically pre-punctured profiles which enable water to flow out. Perfectly compatible with Alumil high insulation roller blinds S13600 which allow for a unified thermic rupture zone which significantly increases the transfer coefficient (U value) of the construction.


Depth frame 85 mm
Depth shutter 77 mm
Visible surface width 93 mm
Bearing capacity opening shutters 150 kg
Thermic insulation EN ISO 10077-2 UW = 1.1 W/m2K
Insulation larghezza poliammidi 40 mm

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