Windows, fixtures, aluminum thermal-cut doors realized with SAPA profile, highly weather-proof systems. Always innovative solutions which can satisfy the highest demands in the field of energy efficiency and design, guaranteeing at any given moment, high levels of safety, minimizing obstacles so that you can make the best use of the surfaces. Our thermal-cut products offer maximum of energy saving, achieving significanly lower costs of heating. These high performance levels are guaranteed by intentionally designed seal, an increased insulation section and a new glass seal. All of these properties guarantee an excellent thermo-acoustic insulation, notably increasing the living comfort that results in an immediate well-being.

An extreme style, form, colour and design customization, applied to all of the components included, always considering your demands and needs. Certified movement and closing mechanisms selected from the best producer companies are made of high-quality steel and plastic for some minor accessory goods. The shutter and cover device is equipped with safety system against wrong manipulation and a mechanism that facilitates the closure of the shutter. Our aluminum doors and windows are equipped with insulation glasses with low emissions levels. Double glaze or layers according to the norm UNI 7697 – UNI EN 10077-1:2002.


Depth frame 75 mm
Depth shutter 85 mm
Height frame 50 mm
Height shutter 72 mm
Bearing capacity opening shutters 170 kg
Thermic protection UW 0,99    W/m2k
Impermeability classe E1050
Air permeablility classe 4
Wind resistance classe C4



A high-performance thermal-cut for the construction of windows and doors with one or two shutters with slide opening. An ideal solution for the circumstances in which lightness and easy assembly are the key elements of the project. Developed on the solid architecture ALL.CO TEC- the state of application art of the thermal-cut technology in aluminum window profiles- the SL system is characterized by an excellent ratio of weight to size and can be found in the range of the best performing slidings on the market.

The performance tests which attest the qualities of absolute excellence allow its use in all climatic zones in Italy to design and produce large and functional glazed surfaces in homes, tourist facilities, wellness centres. Combined with this system, there is a large, rich collection of accessories which , for the sake of window structures, translates into an easy and fast processing, modularity of the components (the accessories are practically the same for doors and windows) and the final clients find themselves with an infinite number of possibbilities for customizations.


Depth frame 81 mm
Depth shutter 40 mm
Height frame 44 mm
Height shutter 86 mm
Bearing capacity opening shutters 200 kg
Thermic protection frame Uf = 2,89 – 3,22 W/m2k
Impermeability classe 9A
Air permeability classe 4
Wind resistance classe C5

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